Couple of months ago we received a lot of questions from offline retailers. If we could help them into the online world. After doing some projects for couple of corporate clients, we thought it might be a good idea to design a solution for this particularly market. After the summer we will beta launch with a couple of retailers. But we can’t wait for that so we will give you a sneak peek on our own marketing website. Since our target group doesn't know much about starting an online business our challenge was to create a friendly and safe appearance.

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How should we design a Brand for people who don't know much about the internet.

We believe the most important thing in life is to create an environment where people feel safe. Create a home where you feel safe is important. Create a safe working environment where people can be themselves is essential. When you visit new places, do things you’ve never done before you may have some kind of anxious feeling. This is just a fact. This was also something we saw with our first clients we helped out by creating an online environment. Most of you are familiar with this thing called the internet, but you will be amazed by how many people don't know a thing about this topic from the delivery point of view. About expanding their comfort zone, the offline store, to an online world. We created a playful, clean but modern brand.

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Ambacht boekomslag branding

The new look and feel of the Ambacht marketing website

Our craftsmen, who are honest, hard-wearing, eco-friendly and involved, work with a lot of passion on their products. They are the right people for their small fortune, little time, and lack of digital knowledge, but they need an online platform to elevate their business. The first Ambacht design was focused on accessibility and usability, but we felt there was something missing in the look and feel. So we decided it was time for a redesign.

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Ambacht kaft omslag


After a couple of brainstorm sessions we decided to use illustrations, to explain how our concept works. We used elements which are familiar for everyone, so they will recognize a lot similarities with their current environment. Together with the colors it creates a clean and modern outlook. The only goal for this website is to get in touch with the team. No fancy on boarding stuff, or online demo’s. Just the old fashion E-mail button. We tried fax in our A/B testing, but that wasn't working out.

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We struggled with finding the right balance between modern and a more traditional way of design. In the end we found it by bringing in the right amount of orange. It feels pretty fresh, safe and hopefully will inspire future clients get in touch to start a new adventure.

Disclaimer. MOIJ is co-founder / Investor in this project. If you feel like this is a solution for you or someone you know. please get in touch with Twan!

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