Creating your own brand is one of the most difficult steps as a designer. You’re never ever satisfied. You can improve how things look, but the essence of the story you want to tell needs to be right in every way. But together with our great team we were able to tell the story how we really want to work, what basically the essence of our vision for life is.

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Creating a life style, not just a company.

We never really worried about creating a brand. MOIJ was a spinoff of a company we started 5 years ago. When we started MOIJ, we had a bunch of clients already and were busy as hell working on those projects. Over the past 2 years we tried a couple of times to create this brand. However we never finished it because the story, the connection with the brand, wasn't there.

Not having a great brand is one of the mistakes I, Sven ten Hove CEO of MOIJ, made. So together with the team we made it one of our priorities. Telling the story right, taking you with us in our philosophy and the way we like to work and live our life.

I am proud of the team! We did an incredibly great job. We challenged ourselves to create a brand of which we can be proud of for the rest of our life.

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We designed everything ourselves, started from scratch. From designing our own font to the icons we use to express our vision. As we explain on our journey page: our main goal in life is to make it an ‘Epic adventure’. This is exactly how our brand should feel like.

For a start, every new client within a new projects is given a boarding pass to set his mind. This personalized boarding pass is valid for their next adventure. In every little detail we added something to create the right mind set for every stakeholder during the project.

We couldn't be more proud of the foundation we created for our brand. As everything in life we will keep improving it, but the story will always be the same.

We love to hear your feedback, suggestions and high fives. The branding of MOIJ is born. We are ready to inspire the world.

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