Rosa Spier Huis is a retirement home for writers, musicians, painters or any kind of artist. The organisation asked us to rebrand their story. So we did.

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Connect the people who live, work and visit there with the new brand.

We designed and built everything, from a new logo to a website, from posters to signs on the wall. For the logo our idea was to connect the artist with the brand. The brand was founded by; Rosa Spier, a famous harpiste. We decided to connect the life’s work of the artist directly with the logo. To show their work, within the logo. The DNA of the artist is now directly connected with the founding story of Rosa The problem with retirement homes is often that you have no idea what happens there, just people playing cards all day is mostly what people think. This is not true.

secundair rosa spier huis logo
rosa spier huis logo icon

That people having this idea is a shame, but easily solved. The only thing you have to do is show what happens on the inside, there are a tonne of beautiful stories to share. So we decided to put everything around the context of the environment, instead of showing just factual information. We show the different places, like the theatre, bar, beautiful graden, music studios and more. And then we let the people tell what they think of, the artist, the people who are playing there and the visitors.

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Foto van naamplaatje arts
Rosa Spier Huis Poster
Rosa Spier Huis Poster

What’s it like to work in such an environment? What motivates you to do this? All questions that describe the feeling better about the life between those walls. Living is not about numbers or facts. It’s about stories, people and there feelings and how they live their life. About the heroes who support those who need help.

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We are extremely humble that we worked on this project. We hope it inspires you to visit this place and to work on project where you can make a difference.

Sven, Emile and Tijmen

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