To help small non-profit organisation we decided to start a contest where non-profits can send us a briefing what they would like to improve and why. Troupe A'dour won the pitch. They produce music events and classes for all kinds of people. We asked them what they were most passionate about and their answer was teaching children.

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Create a playful brand, focussed on kids discovering new music

When we asked the client pitching their organisation a 30minute story followed. Filled with passion, but also with a lot of different directions. It was impossible to do that many things with a quite small team. So in order to help them, we proposed that we needed to find a niche where they can reinvent themselves and try to make an impact on their target group. They were most passionate about telling young people about classical people, to let them experience this genre through stories, movies and of course music. With that in mind, we build a new brand, website in one week. The result:

Discovering something new can be scary

Our main goal was creating a brand that was nice and friendly. Focussed on young kids and their parents. With the main goal learning more about the organisation, what they do and booking concerts.
With Life we are doing more and more projects for non profit organisations. This one was really refreshing for us and fun to do it via a contest. Interested in what we do for non-profits? Read more about it here: Life

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