The story behind generation luxury label Vlieger & Vandam is a story about interdisciplinary design, about the relation between art and fashion and about innovative craftsmanship.

Vlieger & Vandam bags are sold around the world at designer concept stores and in the finest department stores such as Harvey Nichols Dubai and Hong Kong, IT Hong Kong and Shanghai, Galeries Lafayette Beijing, Luisaviaroma Florence, Wall Tokyo, Chuckies New York and at Gregory’s in Fred Segal, Los Angeles.

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When two top designers asked us to design their online store, we got really excited. That’s an adventure!

We knew this brand for a long time and we did some small stuff on improving their old website. I was always amazed by the fact that their store wasn’t responsive. But that changed after a good cup of coffee. Building a mobile-friendly website is essential to make sure your online resource is accessible using any present-day handheld devices. This is the case, especially when you are seeking new clientele to sell goods and services online and want to boost the popularity of your E-commerce business.

Fun fact: more of the turnover is sold via a mobile phone after the relaunch of the online store.

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The second goal for this project was to make sure they have a lot of freedom in how their homepage looks like. We give them control by working with big images which they can easily change over time via backend.

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Vlieger & Vandam design their own bags. We know for ourselves how proud one can be about creating something yourself. So it was really important to showcase their products really well. Also we made it really easy to change between the different categories. Just to support their fans to shop between all the beautiful products.

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We designed and build this product from scratch. We teamed up with the founders and their employees, to create this new product. However, we don't stop there. We never belief our work is done. So we can’t wait to make this product even better. To help and support them in strengthening a beautiful brand.

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