When our (then, soon to be) client asked us if it was possible to create and design a white label shop to sell over more then 40.000 products with stock points all over the world we said: Yeah, easy peasy. Then they signed the contract. The moment they walked out of the door we didn't knew how to build this shop.

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The adventure only begins when something goes wrong. But we didn't gave up.

The fundamental purpose of design is to communicate a message and motivate the viewer to do something. After working on some prototypes we saw one of the most challenging tasks was to design an environment which can handle all the different types of content. Focussing on the B2B market, we couldn’t leave out any information. Because they rely on all the specific product specifications. Some other challenges were, live feed from 6 different stock points, having costumers from all over the world (for example: in Middle East they don't much know about online shopping).

We already designed different templates for different needs, based on what the customers wishes to have for the functionality for the shop. In 2.0 we released our brand on demand feature, where you can easily visualize an image on a product and ship it anywhere in the world on 40.000 products with all kinds of imprint methodes, areas and colors. This is unique in this branch.


This is great example of an adventure. By teaming up with our client we were able to challenge ourselves to create this product. Without them it isn’t possible to build something like this, without our clients who joined our crappy first version it wasn't possible to make this happen. Building great products is never done alone.

Our clients

Not just a product, a partnership.

We go beyond building products, we partner up. Because there are many things you need to focus on while running a shop and you need expertise for all kind of situations. We truly believe that you can only succeed as partners together.

We take time to listen, we are interested in customer needs, ideas and goals. We succeed when they are able to run the business as they imagined.

We offer our experience in building shops and doing business in an online world. We have developed an environment where organizations, big or small, can sell products from stock points all over the world.

One thing you can do wrong while running a business is to stop innovating. You need great teams to make this happen.

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