How to desgin for trust

Trust is earned. But how? In my upcoming blog posts, I try to share our vision and the obstacles we face during this process. Today I write about our approach how we design for trust with our non-profit projects.


Being a Maker & Manager

How We Spend Our Days Is How We Spend Our Lives - Annie Dillard. How to balance these two completely different responsibilities? Throughout my career, this has been one of the biggest challenges I encounter. I love to be creative, to make, to design products, and writing stories like I'm doing...


Launching a new project!

It's autumn! I love this time of year. I’m outside a lot since I'm training for the Amsterdam marathon (this month!) I Ran 320k in September and feeling pretty strong 💪🏽 At MOIJ we are catching up on some projects, we had a great, but busy summer. Due to vacations...


Jumping out of an airplane

Life is either an adventure or nothing at all. A quote from Helen Keller, and if you are a bit familiar with our work and stories you know that this is something we live for. All in our own capacity. Some more, then other. All is ok, as long as...


An open space

I’m always thinking about how the future will look like. While we are now on this journey of being a remote company, the future on how we work fascinates me. I’ve no answers. Only ideas. Being remote has a tone of benefits, the biggest one is having more freedom over...

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