I’m always thinking about how the future will look like. While we are now on this journey of being a remote company, the future on how we work fascinates me.

I’ve no answers. Only ideas.

Being remote has a tone of benefits, the biggest one is having more freedom over your own time.

It has a lot of challenges, one of them is that you have less social interaction with your colleagues. You don’t lunch together on a daily basis or discuss the weather while you are waiting on your coffee.

What I’m looking for is the right balance. In the past, I had a lot of conversation with other founders about what their view was on this topic.

Are co-working spaces the right option, is having your own front door the way to go? Or is remote working something we all adapt to?

Based on my ideas, I have dreams.

If you ask me, and we decided to put this in motion quite some time ago is a mix of everything.

What that exactly is, I have no idea. But I don’t believe in your own front door, live is too big and has too much to offer to create your own little bubble, especially as a small company (less than 50 people)

I’m a big fan of Co-Working spaces, but if you worked there for a couple of years you miss that you can create something for your own.

Our idea with the companies we are building at the moment is to create a space, for our own, to share with everyone who wants to do good.

I hear you thinking; wtf you do you mean Sven.

Again, it’s a dream, not a plan.

We are figuring this out as we speak. But for now, I see an environment where a part of our remote team can work. People, everyone can come to a enjoy some coffee or a small bite.

Space where people who start projects which will make their environment a better place, can connect with our non-profit and other people, to launch, grow or show people what they are up to.

We need to open our doors. Share what we know, and teach those who don’t.