Live an uncertain life, and you will experience more.
Because you don’t hold on to certain patterns, thoughts. You will be more open (mind, body) to new experiences. It puts you outside your comfort zone and that will brings you to different places.

Places you haven’t visited before.

Do things differently, every day. Just small things; for example don’t check your phone while you wake up. Put it on do not disturb mode for an hour, go to a different supermarket. Don’t eat dinner.

There are so many small things you can do differently, every day.

Don’t buy into the trap that things will make you happy. Seek experiences.

This will trigger the mind, this will change what you think. While you change the mind, you change your body, your system.

Those small things matter, it’s al compound interest. You will be better at doing bigger things differently.

You have to become comfortable with being uncomfortable.