Are we afraid of the unknown?

Live an uncertain life, and you will experience more. Because you don’t hold on to certain patterns, thoughts. You will be more open (mind, body) to new experiences. It puts you outside your comfort zone and that will brings you to different places. Places you haven’t visited before.


It’s time for some sushi!

I'm in Asia again, working and traveling is something I love to do. While I’m on the road I never change much about my lifestyle. I was never a big fan of being typical 'tourist'. That you have to see all the highlights or do certain things. As you probably know by...


Let’s try something new

I write a lot. With a lot, I mean every single day. Let’s go back a couple of years. To the day where I downloaded Day-One and started with writing for my self. Since a year I’m on an almost on a perfect daily streak. This habit helps me a...



“Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.”  - Brené Brown] Last week my dear colleague Twan shared his open thoughts about our new direction on his blog.  "When I heard the news about the company ditching the office I was excited. I loved the idea of having the...


Seek out change

Most of us, myself included, seek confidence in our current beliefs. Last month was quite a rollercoaster. Some big pillars in how we work changed drastically. It is never easy, to make big decisions like we did. Some of them were shitty, like the fact of letting go of some...

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