Trust is earned. But how?

In my upcoming blog posts, I try to share our vision and the obstacles we face during this process.
Today I write about our approach how we design for trust with our non-profit projects.

Once we start a new project, we always create goals based on the vision of the organization. This already narrows down the possibilities. The hard thing about design is that there are endless possibilities without a structure. We also try to stay away from the popular design trends, researching Dribbble helps a lot with that 😉

For example with a design project that we did for Rosa Spier Huis (an elderly home for artists) one of our goals was to connect the people who live there with the brand directly.

Why? Because it is all about those people. And what makes this organization unique is that people who live there still create art.

We combined the two:

connect the brand with its core values to create trust

We wrote a more detailed post about this project 🔗 here.

Every project has its own goals. But as a design agency, we always have our own rules we create by. One of the most important ones is designing for trust.

If you don’t trust someone, you will probably don’t like that person. You won’t create a relationship.

With digital projects, it’s the same. If you don’t trust a webshop, you won’t buy something.

We are now working on a project that takes this challenge (creating trust) to a new level. This non-profit organization helps people with the end of life phase.

When was the last time you talked about this subject, for example, with your friends? A big chance this didn’t happen because it’s a ‘scary’ subject.

A heavy subject like this needs extra attention in creating trust. Because people have all kinds of emotions with death.

Besides the subject, nonprofit organizations depend on volunteers and donations. Asking people to help, or donate money is also a big ask.

This won’t happen, without trust.

We are helping them in creating a new website and focus on the story and design. In my opinion, this goes hand in hand. It’s not just in how it looks, but also what it represents, and that is always; A story.

We don’t create a new vision, or goals. But we think about how you should tell this story. There is always a right time, to say a particular thing.

The metaphor we always use is how you should have a conversation in real life. Based on that we build the content flow.

Concerning the design, every detail should be right, colors, fonts, photography and space which you create this in is all important in establishing trust.

If we look at the real world; spacious rooms befit to a more calm environment, you will feel more relaxed. You have literally more space to breath.

Of course balance – with everything – is essential here.
If you stand in a big concrete stadium, you won’t probably feel calm, but lost.

With a digital project, there is no difference.
White space; the space between elements, helps in creating a more calm feeling with the user. People can more easily adapt the content and navigate through the product. This all benefits to our goal: building trust.

With every project, we do a lot of research looking for the right colors, fonts, and metaphors.

Metaphors are not only a great way to explain things better. But within metaphors, you will also find shapes or visual language for the photography, illustrations (etc.)

More on that later!

Stay epic,