I’m in Asia again, working and traveling is something I love to do. While I’m on the road I never change much about my lifestyle.

I was never a big fan of being typical ‘tourist’. That you have to see all the highlights or do certain things.

As you probably know by now is that I love food & coffee. And this plays a big part in my day as well when I’m abroad. Via Foursquare (app for iOS & Android) I find the best restaurants and coffee bars to work from.

Besides that, I’m training for the Amsterdam marathon again (in October) which means I’m running a lot. The 24km in Bangkok last Sunday was, well… a challenge!

In between these activities I wander around, I simply watch what comes next.

For example yesterday I found a great bookstore, a place where I get always great inspiration from. I skimmed through a book with the title ’Ikigai’

It caught my eye because I’m familiar with the Japanese term that stands for:  a reason for being or in other words: a reason to get out of bed.

Below an image that represents the term more in dept

You can use the same chart for building a product or business.
Someone (forgot who) on Twitter called it the entrepreneurial north star, he is damn right.

Especially the overlap of number 3 (paid for) and 4 (needs) are super important.

So why did you get out of bed this morning?


Some interesting links


🔗Almost no Alexa owners have bought anything with their voice

Turns out, asking a virtual assistant to buy toothpaste wasn’t the “killer feature” Amazon and Google expected it to be. Only 2% of the 50 million voice assistant devices sold been used to purchase something. Oops.

Luckily there are other useful apps like: Away Mode Something that I’ll install next time I’ll be gone 😉

🔗 It cost us 2 years to figure this out; Check-ins

My colleague writes about how we finally figured out how to give each other proper updates on what’s been done, every single day.

🎧 Podcast: How to Live Life on Your Own Terms

Last week I listened to a podcast from Basecamp Founder Jason Fried. This episode has a lot of great insights, one of the more eye-opening ideas is that the company has no goals.

With our product: Promo we are slowly shifting away from being a goal driven company. We are setting up systems instead.

What is your approach? If you are interested to learn more about the differences then I would highly recommend this blog  Habits vs. Goals (and of course the podcast)