Life is either an adventure or nothing at all. A quote from Helen Keller, and if you are a bit familiar with our work and stories you know that this is something we live for.

All in our own capacity. Some more, then other. All is ok, as long as we are striving for happiness.

For a couple of years now I had this dream of jumping out of a plane.

Now that my dad birthday was coming up, I decided together with some family members that this was the perfect gift.

A couple of minutes later we booked the tickets.

Driving towards the airport I was super excited and not nervous at all. Arriving at the terminal and having the safety brief the excitement was real.

I love flying, planes and everything that has something to do with that. Flying for 13 hours? No problem.

After waiting for a while our group was ready to board. You meet your instructor and you get into a small airplane, ready for taking off and ascend to 13.000 feet.

On 4000 feet they opened the door already for some early jumpers, I was sitting right next to it.
Now I wasn’t only excited anymore… Some fear, anxiety was getting into my body. Looking out of the plane, with the door open does something with your body & mind.

Once we arrive at 13.000 feet it was my time to jump. My sister was first and saw here jumping out the plane.

Then it was our term. 3…. 2…. Go.

The first second my body was in an intense fear mode, falling with your head down, out of the plane, looking downwards was in this first second super scary.

After that moment, the fear was completely gone. In a split-second, the fear was turned into the most epic experience I ever experienced.

You’re flying with 200km/h and the view is beautiful!

There are no word that can describe this experience, the feeling I had.

I was fully present.

While writing this down I get the goosebumps all over again.

On the other side of fear, you will experience the most blissful experience life has to offer. A quote from Will Smith where he describes the same experience (but better, you should check the video)

This experience has reminded me in a new way that you have to conquer fear.

This is not only true for this kind of adventures, but also for building a business or asking someone for help, deciding to design something different or learn a new language.

It’s the fear of the unknown that stops us experience new things.

This stops us from the experiencing the most beautiful moments.