It’s autumn! I love this time of year. I’m outside a lot since I’m training for the Amsterdam marathon (this month!) I Ran 320k in September and feeling pretty strong 💪🏽

At MOIJ we are catching up on some projects, we had a great, but busy summer. Due to vacations etc. we are a bit behind on some projects.

I hate that, being behind schedule. But it is, if we like it or not, part of the game. We do our best to finish everything on time.

But there are always variables you didn’t foresee. The most important thing to do when you fail in delivering on your promise is to communicate this in the best way possible with every stakeholder.

We also successfully launched an E-learning platform. After months of 🔗 hard work, it was very satisfying to hear the first feedback from users. We designed, build this from the ground up. The main languages we use in this project is Go & React. The first project that we combined this two languages, and it’s now our go-to. The biggest reason? It’s super fast.

E-learning Dashboard
E-learning Dashboard

We are receiving great feedback from the users so far!

Based on the feedback we are now improving the product. This process is what I love most, making small adjustments, based on user feedback. I did 🔗 write a post about this project a couple of months ago about our process and vision on E-learning.

We also helped Les launching here first and only magazine: Drempel.

They sold 12.000 magazines within the first week. If you are interested, you can order a magazine here.

Why do I run? The biggest reason is that it helps me to stay focused. Another thing that I do to perform well and keep on track with everything is meditation. Last month Sam Harris launched his new app Waking Up 

So far, I’m impressed.

The timing was great. Since I’m using headspace for years, I was looking for something else.

What I like about the app is the lessons section. Where you can learn more about the mind, self, being mindful (etc.)

I believe that knowledge is critical in improving yourself.

Learning more about the mind, besides design is one of my favorite hobbies.

stay epic