I write a lot. With a lot, I mean every single day.

Let’s go back a couple of years. To the day where I downloaded Day-One and started with writing for my self. Since a year I’m on an almost on a perfect daily streak.

This habit helps me a lot. It creates a distance between my thoughts, obstacles I face and helps me to appreciate the small things in life.

I hope it will help me to be more present, One-Day.

Besides writing for my self, I publish three newsletters for different purposes. The one that is most open and personal is the one I send to my colleagues, this on a weekly basis.

More and more people encourage me to share this with the ‘world’. Whatever that may mean.

There are cases I publish something here, or on medium. But for someone who writes on a daily basis sharing 4 articles a year isn’t something noteworthy.

I believe in being transparent about what you do. That this will help your environment and yourself to make better decisions, even if you are telling bullshit or something that is incorrect.

Based on information, conclusions can be made. The things you say, always change something, somewhere.

The things you read, like this article, change what you think right now at this moment.

This moment here, now, is the only thing we have, the only thing we are certain of.

How we spend that. Is something that keeps me busy.