Most of us, myself included, seek confidence in our current beliefs.

Last month was quite a rollercoaster. Some big pillars in how we work changed drastically.

It is never easy, to make big decisions like we did. Some of them were shitty, like the fact of letting go of some our colleagues, fuck it, friends.

How they took it, was mind-blowing to me and made me even more realize that we created something special, together. Letting go of this is scary as fuck.

We shifted within a month to a ‘fully’* remote company. Reasons for this is that part of the team works overseas already and 85% of our clients are not based in the Netherlands. (*we have one small HQ in Amsterdam)

Within every decision, the data you can take into consideration is infinite. That is exactly the reasons why making a choice is hard. But one of the biggest reasons was a selfish one. And that is that I’m not the right guy who wants to cycle to the same spot every single day.
To sit in the same office, every single day.

I always had this idea to build something globally.
Because travel, discovering new places, is by far the best thing you can do. While you travel you experience more and you will understand the most important thing in life: freedom, better.

I don’t want to be right with an earlier version of the world, I want to be right tomorrow.

What that is?

I have no fucking idea.

Stay epic