It’s our oxygen to build products, so when we have ideas ourselves, we can’t help it and just start building it. Currently we’re involved in three products. All in line with our vision, building products which make people smile by investing in others adventures.

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Interactive design

Do More, something we strive for. Foundershop is a project we started on our own.

Lately we are doing a lot in a niche market; the promotional product markt.

We now have 4 years of experience in the promotional product industry and we finally get to understand this market. One thing became clear to us, the market is sleeping.

Most promotional business leaders hold on to opinions who where perfect yesterday, but might be wrong tomorrow.

With our beginners minds we are starting this project to deliver a great product, service to you the founder, designers, developer or marketeer at a startup.

Our goal is to build a brand who should inspire the promo market to change their believes and challenge themselves to do it differently.

We focus on quality, not quantity

Currently we are seeing a couple of broader themes rising in several markets where the focus is on transparency, authenticity, sustainability and focus on niche markets.

It’s really important to stand out with a great design in a competitive market, our goal with Foundershop is to inspire others in building beautiful promotional webshops.

When you sell, you communicate a story. Now we need this story the right way.

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In order to tell a great story you have to have a specific target audience. We’re focusing on a group of people who we are familiar with ourselves; Founders.

Besides the design, tone of voice we carefully curate our products. So they align with their intrest and style.

We believe in Go Niche, go big or go home

Projects from the past:

Foundershop is not our only project. The team behind MOIJ did some other side projects in the past with all kind of people, friends involved.

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